Secure Reliable Multicast; Lab or Wright Brothers?

The most important protocol invented ever is about to find it’s way upon us. It will be that protocol that adds security, reliability, quality of service, multicast signal tracing, usage accounting and dynamic tunneling to overcome lack of support. This protocol will act like a Swiss army knife for inter-domain IP Multicast, providing all of the missing elements from the current Multicast model.

Why FEC Alone Won't Do!

Forward error correction is beginning to get some votes on the poll, but FEC alone can't give us Reliable IP Multicast. There are several reasons for this:

· Latency - FEC or spread spectrum FEC is going to increase latency during channel changes.

· Conspicuous consumption - In order to support a Radio LAN you have to send a LOT of FEC. Like 10 times the data in a noisy situation. In a radio LAN environment packet out-of-order and packet loss drive consumption beyond acceptable levels.

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